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Check out what our farm has to offer below. Also, don’t forget to check out our Blog for a variety of articles focused around the wonderful world of raising quail, including quail basics & care, recipes, explanations, DIY projects, and more! 

Farm Fesh meat & Eggs 

Reward your pallet without burning holes in your pocket. Our fresh quail eggs and meat are harvested special for each order to ensure an authentic farm-to-table experience. As we only sell our fresh harvests locally, we avoid the high cost of freezer storage and transport, a savings we can pass on to our community! Easy to order options, including customizable recurring subscriptions, for pick-up or local delivery!

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Live birds, Hatching Eggs

 All of our birds are bred to a very high standard. This ensures only the best genetic traits are passed on. Our breeders are carefully selected and individually tracked to promote health, temperament, and condition above all, with a goal of preserving and expanding the beautiful and rare color lines that Coturnix have to offer. Our hatching eggs and live birds are available locally year-round. We offer shipping services in spring and fall.  

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Homesteaders shop

We are passionate about education and inspiration. We encourage everyone to try their hand at increasing their sustainability, by either raising their own quail flock, gardening, or even by just supporting sustainable companies. Sustainability is attainable, no matter how much space you have. We carry only the best, tried and true essentials to help you on your journey. Check back often as we continue to build up our store. 

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